Bigger is always better.


debunked 10 common myths about our visual brain bigger images attract more attention

Everyone knows that people pay more attention to larger type and images, right? Wrong. The core principle held dear by many marketers was disproven by scientific research.

One study from the Poynter Institute tracked users’ eyes as they viewed 25 news sites. Researchers found that when they encountered large type, people actually did less reading and more skimming.


debunked 10 common myths about our visual brain fact larger images don't always attract the greatest focus

On the contrary, smaller type invited users to focus and actually read each word. Large type encouraged viewers to scan for informative words or phrases of interest.

Research has also shown larger images don’t always attract the greatest focus. When presented with a variety of images, Internet users focused more closely on small photos of recognizable people than larger images on the same Web page.

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