Neuromarketing is just another brain myth.


debunked 10 common myths about our visual brain "Neuromarketing is just another brain myth"

Neuromarketing is the application of brain science. Neuroscientists study, analyze and seek to explain consumers’ neural responses to various marketing stimuli. It’s based on hard data, so why would anyone wonder if it’s based on fact?

The distrust is likely related to all the pervasive myths regarding our brains, as exemplified in this article. After all, if the marketing strategy is a myth, then how reliable can any sums of such findings be? Even reliable brain studies are sometimes dismissed because so much is still unknown about our brains’ inner workings.


debunked 10 common myths about our visual brain Neuromarketing is a real field that applies the principles of neuroscience to marketing

But neuromarketing is a real and useful technique precisely because of what people don’t know. It all comes down to understanding the audience. While asking questions in traditional surveys can reveal what people openly think, brain scans and EEG measurements can reveal what they don’t even realize they feel. Such results can provide a powerful tool for marketers.

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